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Valérie Doat

Valerie Doat was born in 1996 in Ettelbruck to Belgian and US American parents. She grew up attending the ‚Fräi-ëffentlech Waldorfschoul‘ in Luxembourg City and later went on to earn her bachelors degree in Computer Animation. She currently works as a freelance video editor and artist.

Valerie’s work is composed of figurative oil paintings and expressive charcoal portraits.

The impulse for her pieces comes from an urgent need to capture an experience, explore a feeling or a part of her life which she can not yet grasp rationally. Her painting process serves as a means of personal reflection. During this stage, she allows herself to explore and reflect upon the subject in an intimate way.  She sees it as a type of healing process.

Her early work is often characterized by monochrome color palettes, specifically by a dominating use of blue.

Since 2022 she has been in a sort of transition period where she has been placing more importance on studying the masters and experimenting with different styles and color palettes in order to grow her skill-set as an artist.