Künstler portrAIts

Frank Yvan

Frank Yvan, born 1970 in Luxembourg, shows very early interest in the new wave and Gothic music of the 80’s, melancholic, dark and even macabre.

Inspired by painters like Hieronymus Bosch, Maxime Kantor, Egon Schiele, Alfred Rubin, Tisnikar… he enrolls in the drawing section of the „Academie Royale de Brussel“.

He travels with his drawing book through Europe, Bucharest, Gdansk, Warsaw and Prague, … cities that inspired his future drawings and paintings. Drawings that show the human condition, lonely characters, androgynous, locked in their body, locked in an empty room, locked in a city and in society…

Back to Luxembourg after his studies, Frank Yvan became a member of the engraving club „Empreinte“ and made some collective exhibitions. He produced some theater posters, covers for CD and vinyl productions and some publications in local art magazines.

The first solo exhibition 2005 at the „Info Video Center“ is much talked about in the media. Follows an exhibition at the „Espace Paragon“ with artists friends, Jambor (Hungary) and Cypris (Belgium). Solo exhibition at the festival of contemporary music, „Odo Sonoritas“, „Ungeräumig “ (in-spacious) Expo 2019 in the ‘Espace Paragon‘, the style resolutely expressionist, begins to interest collectors and enters the “Marc Modert’s collection“.