Künstler portrAIts

Damien Giudice

Hi, my name is Damien Giudice, I’m born in 1996 and raised in Luxembourg.
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication design with a focus on printmaking.
My works are mostly linocarvings. The carving process is a very meditating to me. My
passion for plants, animals and insects is very evident in my art. As a graphic designer, I pay
special attention to cleanliness and attention to detail. Making mistakes is part of the process
and I love to work with the coincidence. As a musician and singer of various bands, I have
recently started to work with screen printing and take care of our own merch. With the help
of my diverse knowledge in analogue printing techniques and digital graphics production, I
would like to specialise myself in giving my clients a great mix of both techniques.
I am proud to regularly have the opportunity to be present at many festivals and creative
markets. Whether as an artist or musician, the personal contact with the customer or
audience is very important to me.
I like to call it an „All in One – One Man Show“, because as an artist of the 21st century you
have to deal with so many tasks. Marketing, social media, storytelling, photography, get in
contact with clients, giving workshops and creating new works. It’s definitely not easy to
manage everything on your own. But I love the challenge, love to entertain and reaching new