Künstler portrAIts

Simone Schwartz

Simone Schwartz, a lively soul born 1956 in Luxembourg, discovered her passion for painting
and drawing in her early childhood.
Her vision clear, she joined the « Beaux-Arts » in Luxembourg at the age 16 to continue her
artistic journey from 1974-1980 in Germany at Art school.
Returning to her home country in 1983 wall paintings and interior design for bars and
restaurants become her main field and she gains respect as an independant artist.
From 1996 onwards, Simone’s work with disabled people, as a teacher, in art workshops
has reshaped her life.
Nowadays, in the beautiful North of her home country giving more and more room to her
critical view on our societies, she expresses her deepest feels in her paintings and intuitevly
brings the observer to the topic approached.
A vision, so critical it may seem, with a lot of heart, compassion and sorrow for mankind and
all the species inhabiting Mother Earth.