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Florence Giorgetti

Florence Giorgetti, born 1999 in Esch/Alzette, is a versatile creator and artist. The desire to
draw, paint or craft was consistently present since her childhood. After finishing secondary
school with an emphasis on the fine arts (Section E artistique), she decided to follow her
passion and become a professional in the creative field. Florence received her degree in
illustration after 3 years of studying at WAM die Medienakademie in Dortmund, Germany.
Immediately after her studies in 2021, she started to build up her own small local business in
Luxemburg and offers graphic design, illustration and original artworks.
In her original artworks, Florence gets the most inspired by the fascinating flora and fauna of
this world. For her, it is always the greatest pleasure to capture an animals essence and
bring it to life on a canvas. Her favorite subjects definitely include all sorts of big cats like
tigers, lions or snow leopards, but many other animals or plants make it on the canvas as
She certainly does not hold back on a big sized format as well as bright lively colors to show
them off. Even though the bigger picture and a good composition is always kept in mind, she
pays a lot of attention to the important details of the subject. Precise brushwork and a good
sense for color are trademarks of the artists work.
On one hand, most of the artists artworks are very thoughtfully planned and executed neatly.
On the other hand, she states that it is also necessary to just go with the flow sometimes and
differ from some of the plans made earlier. When your intuition kicks in, you have to listen.
Either way, the artist describes that the painting process feels like an escape from reality and
nothing else but creating an artwork matters in that space of time.